iWitness™ and iWitnessPRO™

The premier low-cost close-range photogrammetry software systems for fast and accurate image-based 3D measurement and modeling 

The iWitness and iWitnessPRO data processing systems can accommodate images taken with frame cameras ranging from consumer-grade point-and-shoot, through to DSLRs and to professional medium format metric cameras. Full-motion video can also be photogrammetrically processed. Moreover, images recorded from both terrestrial and aerial camera platforms can be accommodated, and iWitnessPRO has been optimized so as to automatically generate digital surface models, ortho-imagery and 3D reality meshes from UAV/drone photography.

Whereas iWitnessPRO is geared to fully automatic measurement of targeted and untargeted objects and scenes from 10s to 100s of images, iWitness finds most application in projects where manual and operator-assisted feature extraction is needed and automated orientation is not a practical option. Thus, iWitnessPRO is most suited to higher accuracy engineering measurement, architectural recording and heritage documentation, 3D mapping and feature measurement from UAVs/drones, and animation and modeling. iWitness, on the other hand, is an ideal tool for forensic measurement and accident reconstruction from photography captured by first responders at the scene. Both systems are also ideal photogrammetric teaching tools.


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