2009 IPTM Crash Testing

Jersey Barrier Crash Testing
The goals of the 2009 IPTM crash tests were to conduct a detailed energy analysis in comparison to the airbag control module data as well as to examine the displacement and change in velocity of the Jersey barrier itself. Additionally, crash tests were performed for an offset end collision, a full frontal impact collision and a collision which was set at a pre-determined angle to look at deflection angles.

The IPTM Crash Team
Key individuals involved with the conference crash setup and analysis were: Mr. John Daily, Owner, Jackson Hole Scientific Investigations, Inc., Mr. Nathan Shigemura, retired Sergeant, Illinois State Police, Detective Russell Strickland, Fairfield (Ohio) Police Department, and Mr. David Brill, Crash Investigation/Reconstruction Coordinator, IPTM.

Image-based Mapping
In cooperation with the IPTM Crash Team, Mr. Lee DeChant from DeChant Consulting Services was invited to use the iWitness and iWitnessPRO image-based software system to measure the anticipated smashed vehicles in their pre and post crash configurations for two of the tests. Mr. DeChant presented the measurement results in both IPTM photogrammetry breakout sessions the following two days after the crash test on Tuesday April 21st, 2009.

Of particular interest were the iWitnessPRO fully automatic measurements of the Chevy Illumina driven head on into the Jersey Barrier:
Barrier Impact measured with iWitnessPRO

and also the rear end impact of a Ford Taurus:

Taurus rear end collison iWitnessPRO mapped

To watch short movie clips of the crashes and iWitnessPRO measurements, click these two links for the Chevy Illumina barrier crash and the three vehicles involving the Ford Taurus read end collision.

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