Magnetic Passive Targets "MPTs"
for iWitness and iWitnessPRO 

Florescent Orange Magnetic Passive Targets (MPTs) can be used with the iWitness and iWitnessPRO photogrammetry software systems. Florescent photogrammetric targeting is superior in performance to traditional style monochrome photogrammetric targets.

MPTs are 1.1875" square, with a .375" dot, mounted on .03" magnetic material. Click here for an expanded view of the set.

Magnetic Passive Targets for iWitness & iWitnessPRO

How MPTs work:

- in iWitnessPRO
MPTs can be used as "standalone photogrammetry targets" or in combination with Stripe Tape Targets, Triplets, all coded target types including natural feature marking. To use, temporarily stick them on metal surfaces for imaging. With proper use and storage, MPTs can be used over thousands of times.

If used with iWitnessPRO, MPTs are optimized when using the camera's flash. In combination to the flash, we recommend using a digital SLR camera, set to manual (typical aperture ranging between F11 to F18 and shutter speed at 125th of a second). The MPTs are fully automatically measured in iWitnessPRO by the click of the "R++" button.

- in iWitness
While in Reference Mode (R+) depress the "X-Key" and the orange dot is semi-automatically measured to sub-pixel accuracy. Flash is optional.


MPTs are sold for $49.00 per 200 units supplied in a perfectly fitting box.

Shipments are typically made within 48 hours of receipt of the order.

To order, use the On line method

Delivery Time:

In the U.S. A., Magnetic Passive Targets are shipped and arrive to their destination typically within 3 days.

For International orders of Magnetic Passive Targets, contact us and we will provide you pricing and payment options. International orders typically arrive to their destination within 12 business days.