iWitness V1.x to iWitness V2 Upgrade Procedure

iWitnessPRO Upgrade process for iWitness usersTo upgrade iWitness V1 to V2, the customer's USB dongle key must be "activated".

Activation entails a simple process followed by the customer and DeChant Consulting Services - DCS Inc. - the process is typically accomplished via email. For the activation process, you will need to download the dongle upgrader for iWitness V2 by clicking here. A link to iWitness V2 (upgrade installer) will also be emailed to you upon purchase.

The below steps will successfully upgrade your iWitness V1 to V2 license. For reference, please click here to review the upgrade dialog box. NOTE: the dongle upgrade procedure is only accomplished after the customer's credit card is successfully charged for the upgrade.


- Customer pays for the iWitness V2 upgrade via online purchase. Your email address is used for communication from the online checkout process.

- DeChant Consulting Services provides a URL (link) to the customers provided email address. NOTE: you must have Admin Rights on the computer in which the upgrade process is to take place.

1. Via the provided link noted above, customer receives the 1.68Mb DongleUpgrader_V1V2.exe (it looks like this):

2. Customer ensures the iWitness Dongle is inserted in the same USB slot that iWitness was installed. There is no reason to have iWitness open.

3. Execute DongleUpgrader_V1V2.exe and Click READ.

4. Clicking on the READ button, the dongle number is presented. You need to email this dongle number to sales@iwitnessphoto.com. (example below)

NOTE: Within 48 hours of receiving the customer's dongle number, DCS will provide the activation number, via email to the customer.

5. Customer enters the activation number.

The DongleUpgrader reports "successfully upgraded". The USB dongle is ready for use with iWitness V2.