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Florida Highway Patrol Implements iWitness Statewide

Bellevue, WA. - Mar 1, 2006 - DeChant Consulting Services – DCS, has reported the adoption by the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) of the close-range photogrammetry system iWitness as FHP’s preferred image-based measuring tool for accident scene mapping and 3D reconstruction. The iWitness system is a stand-alone photogrammetric measurement technique, which produces 3D coordinate data from 2D features recorded in multiple images by a consumer-grade digital camera. Apart from the iWitness software suite, a complete measuring system for accident reconstruction comprises one or more inexpensive digital cameras and special photogrammetric evidence markers for crash scene investigations. FHP is currently implementing iWitness across the state.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) earmarked $331,000 for the implementation of photogrammetric technology by the FHP throughout its statewide operations. The iWitness technology was judged the most efficient and cost-effective means of minimizing road closures and traffic congestion following serious accidents on Florida’s Interstate Highways and Turnpikes. By utilizing images to record and later photogrammetrically measure crash scene evidence, the FHP Traffic Homicide Investigators have already reduced the on-scene measurement time during crash investigations and anticipate time savings of 40% to 60% compared to traditional methods. The 3D measurements generated by iWitness are converted into CAD diagrams of the crash, which can subsequently be used for accident analysis or in legal proceedings.

Following the success with iWitness experienced by FHP, other state, county and city law enforcement agencies have adopted the system, including the Minnesota State Patrol and the New Hampshire State Police who both employ iWitness on a state-wide basis. Trooper Jeffrey Westrum from the Major Accident Investigation Team of the Minnesota State Patrol reports “iWitness is a huge improvement in efficiency over other photogrammetry software programs we have used in the past”. Trooper Westrum adds “iWitness allows us to accurately document more evidence in a much more detailed manner than what could have been accomplished using a total station.”

Lee DeChant, President of DeChant Consulting Services, has implemented close-range photogrammetry systems across the US and believes iWitness is the optimal image-based mapping technology for accident reconstruction and forensic measurement, based on its low-cost, robust online data processing and its simple operation. DeChant Consulting Services has assisted numerous state and local police departments by implementing photogrammetry technology, as it becomes a standard for police accident reconstruction and forensic measurement.

About DeChant Consulting Services – DCS Inc
DeChant Consulting Services is the North American distributor of iWitness and offers turnkey photogrammetry solutions to a range of customers, including police and transportation agencies, accident reconstruction practitioners, industrial engineering firms and universities. DeChant Consulting Services is headquartered in Bellevue, WA.

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