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Photometrix and DCS Set New Standard in Photogrammetry with the Release of iWitness v1.0

MELBOURNE, Aust. - 1 July 2004 - Photometrix Pty Ltd of Melbourne, Australia today announced the release of iWitness, a most powerful yet easy-to-use and affordable software system for image-based 3D measurement. Developed in conjunction with DeChant Consulting - DCS Inc. of Seattle, iWitness has been specifically optimized for use in accident reconstruction and forensic measurement. Its utility also extends to other close-range photogrammetric measurement tasks in engineering, architecture and heritage recording.

"The introduction of such a fast and powerful 3D measurement tool that is so simple to use and so affordable will be greatly welcomed by the accident reconstruction community" states Lee DeChant of DCS, which offers consulting services in image-based measurement and is the North American representative for iWitness.

Building upon the success of the Australis system for automatic camera calibration and high-precision industrial and engineering measurement, Photometrix has introduced many features into iWitness which have not before been seen in a low-cost photogrammetric system. These include on-line data processing for network orientation whereby computations occur automatically with every image point referencing. This provides a powerful tool to enhance measurement robustness and quality control. Moreover, an interactive review mode is available to provide unprecedented levels of quality assurance to the user.

According to Dr Harry Hanley from Photometrix: "One of the primary advances of iWitness is the incorporation of high levels of process monitoring, with important orientation and 3D feature point determination computations occurring automatically and continuously in the background. This affords the user unparalleled ease of use for the photogrammetric data processing". Dr Hanley also points out that "One needs only a consumer grade digital camera and iWitness to perform 3D accident reconstruction measurements to an accuracy which routinely exceeds 2mm over distances of 10-20m".

iWitness has been designed to perform equally well with either 'amateur' or 'professional' digital cameras, since the system incorporates all the necessary tools needed for camera calibration to support accurate and robust 3D measurement. iWitness sets a new benchmark for image-based measurement systems for accident reconstruction, with its major features being its rigorous and robust photogrammetric processing, its quality assurance tools, its affordability, and the simplicity of its operation. Further details on iWitness can be obtained from either DCS ( or Photometrix (

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